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Thursday 22nd of August 2019
#46 :   ARB Moreton Island Fishing Classic 2019
Author  SQAFCA

ARB Moreton Island Fishing Classic 2019

Wow! In less than a week’s time, starting on the 27th of August, the best fishing competition in Moreton Bay takes place. Modelled on the Old Fraser Classic, the ARB Moreton Island Classic is a must for the keen fishermen of South Queensland with $62,000 worth of prizes up for grabs. The great thing about this competition is that it is based on heaviest fish (of a variety of species) of the day and overall, and last year we introduced mystery weights on your “bread and butter” species, which turned out to be a major success. Then, of course, there is the random nomination prizes each day.

So far only a few juniors have registered which means we have plenty of available spots so register your children and if you haven’t already, register yourself! Registration for those over 18 years of age is $90. Click on the Moreton Island Adventure link below and follow the prompts to secure your spot.

SQAFCA held its South Queensland Surf Titles on Moreton island last weekend and there is plenty of taylor from the southern gutters to northern gutters on the surf beach and there is plenty of whiting in the basin of an evening and at the main creek during the day. - fish everywhere so this will be a very interesting competition!

So, if you have a spare 5 days holiday up your sleeve you should fish this amazing competition and have the time of your life.

The Classic will take on nominations on the day and will close prior to the event opening.

Moreton Island Adventure Link: https://www.moretonislandadventures.com.au/events/moreton-island-fishing-classic


Wednesday 17th of July 2019
#62 :   Alvey Funding Offer
Author  Alvey Reels


After the announcement by the Queensland government recently of grants for the recreational fishing clubs Alvey would like to propose the following scheme which is open to all clubs in Queensland from 1 July ongoing

Beach Fishing clinics

We would like any beach fishing club to run a beach fishing clinic for member and non-members in their local area

Limited to 1 per club per quarter


By club
Event to be advertised to all members and non-members as free to attend

Clinic to be run by person who is proficient at using an Alvey reel and will demonstrate techniques using an Alvey reel

Photographs to be taken and used on club social media (if exists) with Alvey tagged.

Images to be sent with all permissions and rights to use to Alvey for use on Alvey social media ( Club to be tagged on images posted on social media)

By Alvey

Alvey will provide a $250 donation per club per event

Alvey will provide 1 sample reel for use by the club at the beach fishing clinic. Reel to be used by club post event as it sees fit

Alvey will provide 1 prize reel to club laser engraved with text ( as supplied by club) for use as prize for any competition run but the club as it sees fit

Alvey will provide all attendees voucher/code for 10% off on any product (excluding reels) on the Alvey.com.au website

Alvey will endeavour( but unable to commit) to arrange local Alvey Authorised retailer to support event to the best of its abilities ( this may include attendance, discounts, promotional products - all at discretion of Alvey retailer )


Thursday 25th of April 2019
#61 :   Fishing Marketing
Author  Bruce Alvey

I think you will all be aware that the term "Recreational Fisherman" has been used by Fisheries Queensland in describing the participants in black marketing operations of fish for too many years. After writing to the Minister again, Sunfish has been contacted by the Minister of Fisheries Hon. Mark Furner who has assured us this will be changed in future. People carrying out these illegal activities will be referred to as just "Fishers"

We thank the Minister for supporting this change.

However, while we are talking about this subject, I would like to ask all fishing groups in Queensland to remind their members and friends that breaking the fishing regulations can carry heavy penalties. So always measure your fish and observe possession limits which do change occasionally - so be aware. (Eat your fish in the freezer regularly, do not let it build up.) . The law also states “possession of fish” so you can be prosecuted for excess fish or illegal fish regardless of the circumstances.

In Queensland it is illegal for recreational fishers to use your catch for any type of financial gain. You can give your fish away but remember you are responsible for the quality of this fish and any repercussions this act may cause. Giving away fish with any expectation of “reward” is also illegal as is “bartering” fish for services. You cannot raffle recreationally caught fish to raise funds for any reason. (This is legal in NSW for “Charities” but not in Qld.)

Thank you for your support and for participating in a wonderful healthy activity which can be fun for the whole family and provide one of the best meals you can eat.

Good Fishing.

Kind Regards
Bruce Alvey
Chair Sunfish Queensland Inc.

FiLES AVAiLABLE FOR DOWNLOAD Click on any icon to download that file. The download will start from a popup window, so please allow popups.

Filesize : 147 KB   Date : 25 Apr 2019 11:09

Thursday 13th of October 2016
#48 :   Sunfish reply to the Greenpaper
Author  Sunfish

Sunfish Queensland supports the review into the management protocols of Fisheries Queensland. We do however believe that our fisheries stocks are generally in good health when compared in an international context. To maintain the healthy stocks and improve those in lesser abundance management of our fisheries needs to move forward and not cling to processes of the past.

We support the vision, goals and areas of reform proposed but the greatest challenges will be resourcing, data, community acceptance and keeping the reform external to the election process.

Our commercial fisheries need to be overhauled so that they have less operators and they are redesigned to better operate in a consumer environment that has a strong focus on socially and environmentally sustainably caught seafood. This will help to ensure greater profitability within commercial fisheries for the operators and make the career of “commercial fisherman” a viable career choice.

To read the full 6 page response, please download the PDF

FiLES AVAiLABLE FOR DOWNLOAD Click on any icon to download that file. The download will start from a popup window, so please allow popups.

Filesize : 534 KB   Date : 13 Oct 2016 14:09

Thursday 5th of May 2011
#4 :   SQAFCA Constitution & By-Laws
Available for download are PDF documents of the SQAFCA Constitution and the By-Laws.

The new By-Laws have been adopted but please be aware that they will not be in effect until 1st October 2011. Any remaining competitions for this year which are held prior to 1st October, 2011 will be conducted under the existing By-Laws.

FiLES AVAiLABLE FOR DOWNLOAD Click on any icon to download that file. The download will start from a popup window, so please allow popups.

A 12 page document that was revised May 2011, which comes into effect on the 1st of October 2011
Filesize : 290 KB   Date : 05 May 2011 20:39
A 32 page document that was revised May 2011
Filesize : 468 KB   Date : 05 May 2011 20:39
The Complete constitution revised October 2017.
Filesize : 966 KB   Date : 08 Feb 2019 18:35
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