Changes to Recreational Fishing Rules
Tuesday 3rd of September 2019
A number of changes have been made to Queensland fishing rules – these new rules commenced 1 September 2019. Please note: Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol will not immediately issue fines for non-compliance with these changes. For the fist few months, the focus will be on education and awareness. Size limits Pearl perch – increased from 35 cm to 38 cm King threadfin – increased .....
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Alvey Funding Offer
Wednesday 17th of July 2019
ALVEY FUNDING OFFER After the announcement by the Queensland government recently of grants for the recreational fishing clubs Alvey would like to propose the following scheme which is open to all clubs in Queensland from 1 July ongoing Beach Fishing clinics We would like any beach fishing club to run a beach fishing clinic for member and non-members in their local area Limited to 1 pe .....
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Fishing Marketing
Thursday 25th of April 2019
I think you will all be aware that the term "Recreational Fisherman" has been used by Fisheries Queensland in describing the participants in black marketing operations of fish for too many years. After writing to the Minister again, Sunfish has been contacted by the Minister of Fisheries Hon. Mark Furner who has assured us this will be changed in future. People carrying out these illegal activitie .....
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Sunfish reply to the Greenpaper
Thursday 13th of October 2016
Sunfish Queensland supports the review into the management protocols of Fisheries Queensland. We do however believe that our fisheries stocks are generally in good health when compared in an international context. To maintain the healthy stocks and improve those in lesser abundance management of our fisheries needs to move forward and not cling to processes of the past. We support the vision, g .....
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SQAFCA Constitution & By-Laws
Thursday 5th of May 2011
Available for download are PDF documents of the SQAFCA Constitution and the By-Laws. The new By-Laws have been adopted but please be aware that they will not be in effect until 1st October 2011. Any remaining competitions for this year which are held prior to 1st October, 2011 will be conducted under the existing By-Laws. .....
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