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Procedure for SQAFCA Weigh ins
Article By  David Bateman AM   ( Created on 25th of February 2011 )

Procedure for SQAFCA Weigh ins - Measuring of fish

  1. Empty fish out on sheet/table.
  2. Sort species & count to ensure limits are not breached
  3. Select any of doubtful legal /weigh in size
  4. Proceed to measure the doubtful fish.
    1. Place fish on stick – do not manipulate them other than to straighten them gently.
    2. Ensure nose is touching the zero stop – fan the tail once.
    3. Remove hands from fish.
  5. If the fish does not measure call the club captain to verify your decision that it is undersize.
  6. If he disputes the decision the Competition secretary should be called to adjudicate.
  7. He should apply the same process & make a decision.
  8. If there is still a dispute then the bag is impounded & a dispute’s committee meeting called.
  9. Their decision is final.

Note - other than the measurer & the competition Secretary no other person is to touch the disputed fish at the weigh in.

Prepared by David Bateman AM, 22/2/2011

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